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Dorothy Barrick

Chef & Caterer (works with Nutritional Therapist Stephanie Ridley)

Dorothy is a London-based chef and owner of her catering company Dotscookin. Healthy food has always been a passion but after the birth of her first child she decided to set up her own business. Cooking for a partner with an autoimmune disease she really started to explore the different schools of cooking. Raw, gluten free, & nutrient dense became an important part of her repertoire for both Dotscookin and Fig & Bloom.

Fig & Bloom are two Mums who first met on a north London school run. Dorothy the Chef & Caterer and Stephanie Ridley the qualified Nutritional Therapist soon realised they


Rachel Barron

Pilates Teacher

I have been practising pilates for over ten years. It provided me with relief from back pain and recently helped me recover from the very traumatic birth of my son. I genuinely do not believe I would have recovered as quickly as I did had my body not been strong from regular pilates prior to and during pregnancy.
My initial introduction to pilates came whilst training as a solicitor and suffering with debilitating back pain. I became fascinated by pilates and loved the way it made me feel. I was not enjoying my work and decided to do an introductory weekend course to teaching pilates. I loved every minute of it and following that I gave up my job and spent

Sara Ben-Isaac

Yoga Instructor

Over 30 years’ experience teaching, author of three yoga books (as Cheryl Isaacson),  working at LA Fitness, Virgin Active and private tuition. Individual instruction tailored to personal needs, ongoing or one-off sessions available. 

Qualified Sivananda yoga teacher
Member of Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)


Emma Bord

Personal Trainer

Emma has been working as a Personal Trainer for several years, with much experience in pre and post natal exercise. Her work involves tailor-made workouts using a variety of methods including interval training, body conditioning, boxing and toning to achieve goals and help the body to regain strength after pregnancy, with special focus on the stomach and core muscles. She is also able to offer nutritional advice and healthy lifestyle choices as well as home workouts to do in-between PT sessions and special post natal 'bring your baby' group exercise classes.
Alongside her work as a PT, Emma also writes for Women's Fitness Magazine and has recently been

Katrina Caslake


Yours Maternally Independent Midwives offer individualised maternity care in your own home. We are experienced in supporting you in the birth of your baby, including water births. Most important of all, we are friendly and caring, whatever kind of birth you have.

Health Sciences Registered Midwife: Midwifery Bachelor of Science 2003
NMC Pin Number 03I0060A
RCM member D1297986
RCN member 2098373


Kimberley Cleminson

Personal Trainer Qualified in Pre and Post-natal Fitness

Kimberley is a Personal Trainer and mum of two young boys (2 ½ and 6 months old). Having had both a c-section and vaginal delivery, Kimberley understands first-hand the challenges post-natal women face in trying to regain their pre baby body safely. Kimberley’s sessions focus on pelvic floor, core, posture, strength/toning and improving cardio. Plus if you don’t have a babysitter she is very happy to work with your baby in the room with you.
Kimberley has a BSC Hons degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University and also holds Premier International Training Diploma (qualified to Level 3 with the Register of Exercise


Julienne Espineli

Lactation Consultant

I am a qualified international board of lactation consultant who can support you and your baby. I am working on helping mothers who have premature, term or even older babies. I am currently specialising in babies who have tongue tie and how to manage it while you are breastfeeding. I can also give advise and evidence-based information regarding any issues in your lactation. These are things like dealing with your milk supply, thrush, mastitis, blocked ducts, sore nipples, baby not gaining weight, introducing solid food, counselling regarding your feeding concerns, adopting a baby and may wish to breastfeed or even antenatal discussion of planning to breastfeed. I believe that


Lydia Franklin

Personal Trainer
Lydia is a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Pre and Post natal exercise. She is also a qualified Counsellor and life coach and works with Mums who suffer with post natal depression. 
As a Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Lydia helps Mums exercise safely and correctly postpartum. This could be to correct posture, recover from diastasis Recti, c-section, or just general health and fitness.
BA(Hons) Counselling
REPs Level 3 certified Personal Trainer, specialising in Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Dr Laura Gilkinson

Clinical Psychologist, EMDR therapist

I am an experienced clinical psychologist with a special interest in working with parents who are adjusting to the rollercoaster of life with new babies. This may be working with mothers with concerns around whether they have postnatal depression, who are finding it difficult to adjust to the change in their role and lifestyle or worried about troubling intrusive thoughts. I also specialise in treating people struggling with the impact of traumatic experiences. Some mothers (and fathers) may find themselves experiencing difficulties such as distressing memories and nightmares following a traumatic birth or other complications and timely treatment can greatly improve


Tamir Grant

Osteopath & Personal Trainer

I am a 3rd generation osteopath following my grandfather, aunt, father and cousin in the profession. I incorporate my knowledge of Sports and Exercise Science, Osteopathy, Personal Training and acupuncture to provide a diverse and well-rounded approach to my treatments and training. I am involved with the charity Maccabi GB, coaching junior basketball teams in the European and World Maccabiah Games and promoting their annual Community Fun Run. I teach young teenagers who attend the London Jewish Cultural Centre the basics of what is needed to become a personal trainer. I have experience treating and training ante and postnatal women, including completing an obstetrics